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Upcoming events

    • 26 Mar 2014
    • 6:30 PM
    • 05 Jun 2014
    • 10:00 PM
    • Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
    • 296

    C2ST Presents:

    Please join C2ST for our Fourth Gala Fundraiser, Science in the Second City, on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at the Adler Planetarium.

    Enjoy stimulating conversation with Chicago's scientific, business and philanthropic community, become immersed in hands-on science exhibits and demonstrations, and enjoy a stunning view of the Chicago skyline.

    The evening includes live music, cocktails and a plated dinner.

    The recipient of the “Advancing the Public Understanding of Science & Technology Award’ will be fêted at the event as well. C2ST created this award in 2012 to honor individuals who share in the passion and mission of the organization—to increase the awareness of the great R&D taking place in our region.

    Past recipients include esteemed scientific community members Paul H. Knappenberger Jr., Ph.D., former President of Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum; and Eric Isaacs, Ph.D., Director of Argonne National Laboratory and future Provost of the University of Chicago.

    This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to celebrate science in Chicago.

    Thursday, June 5, 2014
    Adler Planetarium &
    Astronomy Museum

    • 30 Apr 2014
    • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Northwestern University Chicago Campus - Huges Auditorium

     The Multiplication of Threats: Climate Change & the Risks to National Security

    The American Security Project, or ASP, is a non-partisan organization devoted to educating the American public about the changing state of national security. The ASP’s position is that true security can no longer be determined by military power alone. The world is a global community, and factors such as economic power, diplomatic skill, and political ideals all play a role in maintaining security. ASP leads the effort by promoting communication and nonpartisanship in America. Today’s issues are far too complex for simple rhetoric and dogma to apply, and it is ASP’s view that the American public deserves healthy discussion instead of the cherry-picking of ideas of earlier years. With a diverse group of CEO’s, former members of congress, retired military generals, and other prominent officials, the group helps to empower the public to make informed, intelligent decisions. Their current focuses include economic competitiveness, climate and energy research, nuclear proliferation, the international sea treaty, and more.

    The ASP’s Climate Change and Global Security Index details the current national perspectives around the world on climate change. The Index’s purpose is not to debate climate change, but to focus instead on global views as to whether the subject is either an environmental danger, or a threat to national security. The index reveals that more than 90 percent of countries consider climate change a danger or threat, and more than 70 percent of countries consider it a security threat--including the US, Russia, and China. Such threats include mass human migration, opening of new sea routes, resource shortages, including food and water, and civil unrest. The ASP analyzes nations with an unbiased viewpoint in order to clearly define the issues. The point of the ASP’s efforts is to support a healthy discussion for the betterment of mankind.

    Please join Chicago Council on Science and Technology and representatives from ASP for a panel discussion on climate change as it relates to national security and threats to the Midwestern region.

    • 30 Apr 2014
    • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Northwestern University Chicago Campus, 303 East Superior St.
    Please join The American Security Project delegation Brigadier General Stephen Cheney & Andrew Holland following C²ST's The Multiplication of Threats: Climate Change & the Risks to National Security program on the evening of Wednesday April 30.

    The dinner will take place in the Ryan Atrium, at Northwestern University's Chicago campus Lurie building, 303 East Superior St.

    Plates are $75 and need to purchased by Monday, April 14.

    Business Attire Required

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04 Dec 2010 Physics with a Bang!
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